French-Colombian citizen, born in Spain in 1964 and raised in Paris and Bogota, Colombia .

After studies in engineering and mathematics in Bogota and Montreal, Canada, moves to Italy and studies Design and Fine Arts in Milan.

In 1990 moves to Japan, invited by the Japanese government on various research grants in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo to the "Tokyo Geidai" Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music where he earned a PH.D. degree in 1998.

In his art work it is possible to find the mixture of his origins and formative years, the traces of his experiences in South America, Europe and Asia. In his particular use of gold leaf one finds both an Asian aesthetic influence found in the Japanese Maki-e and in traditional screens, as well as the aesthetic sense of the Pre-Colombiann goldsmiths, who used a gold alloy called Tumbaga, that had the particular quality of rusting over time, infusing life to the precious metal in which one can sense the passage of time. His works are an abstraction based on his observation of the natural phenomenon of matter flowing through space and time—how matter evolves and mutates with the passage of time and the action of nature over it. This approach is taken in the hope of producing an harmonic relation between the works and the viewer.

There are two type of glass work: cut, polished and carved glass plates and blocks, as well as crystal objects that are blown and formed by hand before being carved to retain the natural flow of melted glass. Subsequently deep carvings are made into the glass pieces to create zones of light and shadow that convey movement.

Other unique works of a similar theme are created in paper and metal using different techniques. Each paper relief also creates lines of light and shadow conveying movement, however the metal center and colored component traces movement frozen in time.

All these works are originals—each is a single, unique piece.

Some of the works are untitled to allow individuals to interpret them using their own senses.


1964Born in Pamplona, Spain. French and Colombian citizen
1981-1985Studies of engineering and mathematics Bogota Colombia and Montreal Canada
1989Graduated in Masters of industrial design at Istituto Europeo Milano Italy
1990Graduated from the fine arts academy of Brera painting Milano Italy
1990-1993Research on aesthetics in design and art Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo Japan
1998Ph.D. degree from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

Individual Exhibitions

2009Seibu GalleryTokyo-Shibuya
2008SinSin GalleryHong Kong
2007Grand HyattTokyo
2006Grand HyattTokyo
2005Colombian EmbassyTokyo
2005Westin Executive ClubEbisu, Tokyo
2004Galeria DinersBogota
2003Kee ClubHong Kong
2003Art Cafe GalleryTokyo
2002Tiempo Iberio Americano GalleryFukuoka
2002American Club, Genkkan GalleryTokyo
2001Chouinard GalleryHong Kong
2001Kashin GalleryHigashi Azabu, Tokyo
2000Maru FactoryAoyama, Tokyo
2000Friendship MuseumBeijing, China
1999Il PinoloHigashi Azabu, Tokyo
1999Gallery AXISRoppongi, Tokyo
1998Shinjyuku Park Tower GalleryShinjyuku, Tokyo
1998Tokyo Fine Arts UniversityUeno, Tokyo
1997Pleine vue GalleryGinza, Tokyo
1996Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank GalleryGinza, Tokyo
1994Tokyo Fine Arts UniversityUeno, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions

2006Sin Sin GalleryHong Kong
2005Sin Sin GalleryHong Kong
2005Modern Art Museum/Bank of the RepublicBogota, Colombia
2003Tasaki PearlsGinza, Tokyo
2002International Contemporary Art FairHong Kong
2000Gallery 91SoHo, New York
1998Taichu-International Laquer CongressTaiwan
1998Gallery AXIS (AKARI-TEN)Roppongi, Tokyo
1997Tokyo Fine Arts UniversityUeno, Tokyo
1996Inoue GalleryGinza, Tokyo
1995Shoto GalleryShibuya, Tokyo
1995United Nations UniversityAoyama, Tokyo
1995Setagaya Art Museum, Citizens GallerySetagaya, Tokyo
1994Tokyo Fine Arts UniversityUeno, Tokyo
1991 1993 1994Soshigaya Art FestivalSetagaya, Tokyo